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Elena Eustache is an actress, parenting – relationship - communication coach / counselor, spiritual guide, comedian, author and single parent. She lives in Los Angeles, California, spent several years living in New York City, New York, and was born in Europe, in the Czech Republic. Eustache specializes in bringing joy and harmony into people’s lives through her acting, writing and by using a variety of holistic approaches to well being that include energy based methods, cognitive training and other accredited techniques. Eustache stands out from others who offer counseling and coaching services not only because of her unique background, but also by her extensive knowledge in the field, which gives her the distinct ability to pick the right solution, or even combine solutions, in order to cater to each individual client’s specific needs.

Performing on stages across the globe

Today, most of Elena Eustache’s acting takes place within U.S. borders, but it actually began in Europe when she was only six years old. The precocious first grader instinctively loved the stage. Her parents were sure that she liked the attention of performing, but even at this early age, Eustache enjoyed observing how her acting affected others, how it made them feel. She never grew out of her love of the theater, and continued to act and study acting in her native homeland, Czechoslovakia, and continued to work on her craft when she later moved to the United States.

A student of life, acting and the pursuit of happiness

It was no mistake that Elena Eustache began her life in the US in New York. At first, she was drawn to the cultural aspect of the city - the art, the music and, of course, the theater. She enrolled in acting classes based on Meisner approach to actor training at the prestigious William Esper Studio and also studied directing at Columbia University. Concurrently, she realized that the people of the city also interested her. What made them tick? Why were so many of them unhappy? How could she help? At first Elena Eustache turned to comedy, and began developing what would become a quite successful career as a standup comedian, performing at premier comedy venues on both the east and west coast. But she wanted to have a more direct impact. And thus began her quest for a way to help people find self peace and happiness.

Helping others using energy based techniques

There are many different types of energy based methodologies designed to help individuals achieve balance and wellness in their lives. As a result of her own search for balance, Elena Eustache learned how to use several of these methods, and has achieved certification as a dowser, and as a Feng Shui consultant. She uses the touch free Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics to reduce pain and aid in issues related to weight, attention disorders, addiction, sleep disorders and various phobias. Eustache studied these methods at accredited institutes in New York and in California.

Elena Eustache also studied Cognitive Based Therapy Coaching, which encourages people to take more time thinking about what they do in order to break negative or detrimental patterns.

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